The philosophy of the Agency PIERRE SIMON


"Real estate should not be treated as a consumer good. A property of any kind is neither a product nor a consumer and you'll never see these words used in our agency.

A property is a villa, an apartment, a house, a land or a field, often acquired in difficult conditions, redeveloped or restored at the cost of great sacrifice. It deserves respect as much as its owners. Pierre SIMON, after a long career in the transactional area of the Var, especially in the Var hinterland, understands this.

By creating his new agency, Pierre SIMON wants to stand out from current real estate practices, when the buyer no longer knows where to turn and wants to try the adventure all by himself without measuring the degree of risk. The sums invested are often significant and real estate stays, now more than ever, a matter of responsible professionals.

The properties you’ll see on this website are mostly exclusive ones, or very little published, with a strong legal case, tax and urban planning. Visits are made in a spirit of courtesy, discretion, professionalism and simplicity, with the idea that harmony between people is the reason for good negociation in a real estate transaction.

Besides, they will have been the object, with our salesmen, of long preliminary discussions to reach a price of presentation which reflects about the reality of the market as these properties are presented to the sale.

An overestimation can turn out heavy of consequences in the projects of our owners and it is advisable to determine them without the slightest concession at the risk of not being appointed. It is what we tried hard to make in our selection, voluntarily limited.

With our agency, you will have only one interlocutor, responsible from the beginning to the end of the transaction. Your search will be quickly understood, even by telephone,  avoiding any loss of time and unnecessary travels or visits.

Our real estate area remains essentially the Var hinterland, particularly the country of BARGEMON, the country of FAYENCE, COTIGNAC and the VERDON where you can find villas, houses, field and authentic properties, in a protected environment, 15 to 30 minutes from highway exits.

In collaboration with our colleagues, we can search a winery or an agricultural property for you, whatever the importance, or a property on the Saint-Tropez coast, a villa in the area of Saint-Raphaell…

Our intervention will not be limited to visits, to the establishment of the sale agreement or the signature, but it will continue naturally in a constant availability and assistance to help in your new installation.

Pierre Simon

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